Corey Taylor gives update on new Slipknot

The frontman talks the follow-up to 2014’s ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’.

Corey Taylor has given an update on new music from Slipknot, revealing that the band are ‘slowly but surely’ working on new material.

Slipknot’s last album was 2014’s “.5: The Gray Chapter”. Now, in a new interview with 97.1 The Eagle, the frontman has news for fans.

“I’m a bum you out, we aint’ doing shit right now. I’m just saying, we’re not really doing anything right now,” he said.

“I know we’re kind of slowly starting to write some music, other than that we’re just kinda taking some time off, Clown’s gonna direct some movies, Sid’s gonna do some stuff, we’re all kinda doing our own thing.

“The next year is kinda everybody doing their own thing, and then probably after that we will slowly but surely start to get together to do some Slipknot stuff.” You can watch the interview below.

Last week (May 26), Taylor opened up about disturbing times in his past; namely being a victim of sexual abuse when the singer was a child.

Sitting down with Dr. Siri Sat Sam Singh as a part of a documented therapy show, Taylor spoke about his troubled childhood. Sensitive topics of domestic violence, drug abuse, poverty, suicide and rape were explored during the session, reports Loudwire.

The video shows Taylor, visibly upset, saying that he was “was raped by someone in the neighbourhood”.

“Where we were living at the time—we moved around a lot so obviously I had to make friends quickly”. Taylor continues: “There was really only one person to hang out with, to play with and he was this 16-year-old kid. And he would invite me over to his house to play music and one day it became something else.

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